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Property Law

At FPS Attorneys we specialize in the field of property law, and continually go above and beyond to provide a proficient and prompt service, which leads to happy client. So whether you’re selling or purchasing a property, refinancing your property portfolio, planning to build a home or wanting to extend an existing building, our Conveyancing team is capable to offer the service you need.

At FPS Attorneys we offer a wide range of services:

  1. Registration of transfer of residential, sectional title, commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational real estate
  2. Drafting of real estate agreements
  3. Development of residential and commercial real estate
  4. Preparation and registration of mortgage
  5. Surety and collateral bonds for institutional and private clients
  6. Preparation and registration of all notarial bonds for institutional and private clients
  7. Guidance on and drafting of commercial and residential leases
  8. Real estate sub-divisions and consolidations
  9. Guidance on and application of deceased and insolvent estate property transactions

Commercial Law

At FPS Attorneys we assist many business owners in the pitfalls of commercial Law. These specialized services include the following:

  1. Commercial Agreements
  2. Company & Close Corporations formations and transfers
  3. Leases
  4. Property development agreement
  5. Partnership Agreements

Family Law

At FPS Attorneys we centre on an amicable, speedy and a cost effective mechanism of divorce proceedings. We aim to assist couples in achieving an acceptable settlement arrangement and to have them able to move on and divorced within a short period of time.

Our other specialized services in this area include:

  1. Marriage Contracts
  2. Family Violence Interdicts
  3. Harassment Interdict
  4. Maintenance Collection
  5. Matrimonial regime changes


At FPS Attorneys we are practical in showing and resolving differences in the best interest of our clients. At FPS Attorneys we place much stress on the necessity to assist clients professionally and as practically as we possibly can.

At FPS Attorneys we cover the following areas in litigation:

  1. Commercial
  2. Construction
  3. Contract
  4. Corporate
  5. Corporate recovery
  6. Employee Benefits
  7. Insolvency
  8. Insurance
  9. Property

Wills & Estates

At FPS Attorneys we provide the service of reporting and administrating deceased estates either as executor or on behalf of the executor as well as accepting the appointment as curator and the administration of curatorship estates. At FPS Attorneys we have developed a working relationship with the Master of The High Court and is able to assist in any required dealings with the Masters Office.

At FPS Attorneys in conjunction with Willstrust we have developed a unique tool as to assist our clients in the drafting of their will. The tool is online based wills generator where all our clients are able to view the will via an online platform and make regular updates.

At FPS Attorneys we understand the need to have a will and yearly participate in the Wills Week drive initiated by the Cape Law Society.

Liquor Licensing

We specialize and assist in the Liquor Licence Application, Renewing of a Liquor Licence or the Transferring a Liquor Licence.

FPS Attorneys provides complete and practical advice and services in relation to the complex legal issues surrounding liquor licensing law Our team combines wide knowledge and expertise in liquor licence applications and municipality applications regarding extensions of trading hours applications in City of Cape Town.

Liquidations & Sequestrations

At FPS Attorneys we pride ourselves in having extensive experience in general litigation and commercial work as to advise clients on the most practical method of private or corporate recovery, such as using the instrument of a liquidation or sequestration. At FPS Attorneys we are able to offer concentrated guidance to all individuals as well as corporate institutions, and other creditors on the advantages to be liquidated or sequestrated as an alternative to instituting action in the event of default.

Our other specialized services in this area include:

  1. Consulting and advising each client on a set out plan on the way forward in the Liquidation or sequestration process.
  2. Launching the Application for Liquidation or sequestration.
  3. Leasing with the appointed trustees.

Consumer Law

At FPS Attorneys we have noted importance of the Consumer Protection Act which came into effect on 01 April 2011. At FPS Attorneys we have advised extensively on this Act and its impact on the South African market, including by conducting audits of terms and conditions and engaging with our clients to find practical ways of implementing the new requirements that the Act has introduced.


At FPS Attorneys we constantly and effectively act for landlords, home owners in having occupiers of properties evicted. The criteria laid down in the Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Occupation of Land Act being fully complied with. Our knowledge and efficiency in this area ensures that our clients receive the result they need, with the best possible service in the least possible time.

Small Claims Court

At FPS Attorneys we pride ourselves in being one of the only firms to assist clients in the process of the Small Claims Court. We assist in issuing the letter of demand write through to obtaining a case number and court date.

Debt Collections

At FPS Attorneys we pride ourselves in this area and in the efficient and proficient way in which we assist Corporate Clients, Estate Agents, Managing Agents and Body Corporates. Our modernized practice allows for the prompt issuing of letters of demand, the subsequent issue of summons, the obtaining of swift judgments against owners and thereafter the fast attachment of owners moveable property or of the actual unit. After that we sell such unit to satisfy the arrears owing to the Body Corporate. Our scheduled reporting procedure and continuing meetings with our clients enable our clients priding themselves in our performance and them being able to report to their clients with ease and confidence. Our debt collection department delivers service in collecting the following debt:

  1. Arrears Rent
  2. Body Corporate Levies
  3. Home Owners Levies
  4. General Invoice collection

Criminal Law

At FPS Attorneys we pride ourselves in providing service excellence across the broad field of criminal law. This includes:

  1. Bail applications
  2. Trial services
  3. Appeals
  4. Review applications
  5. Applications for the challenging and setting aside of search and arrest warrants
  6. Assisting individuals and corporations with investigating and initiating criminal prosecutions

After-hours bail applications.

In addition, we offer a 24 HOUR emergency number service: +27 82 515 9292